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General Questions

What services does MARS FLAG offer?

MARS FLAG offers three search services and one site quality management tool in a cloud service.

  • MARS FINDER, a site search that collects website improvement indicators and uses them to build engagement
  • Web catalog search “MARS PRODUCT SEARCH” that automatically converts Excel product data into a Web catalog
  • Go straight to the product in one second from the search window! “MARS EXPLORER”, a highly functional suggestion for EC sites, and a search window recommendation display
  • MARS QUALITY, a website quality management service, a tool for quickly finding quality issues on websites

What are the benefits of cloud services?

  • You do not need to have the equipment.
  • You can get cheap and high quality service.
  • Since resources such as servers can be easily started on the Web, the lead time required for service startup is short, and service in is very fast.

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