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Here are some answers to typical questions from our customers.

Summary of MARS FINDER


It is a website search service provided by MARS FLAG Corporation as a cloud service. One unique feature is that website images selected in search results can be visualized. By visualizing the selected website, information provided to users rapidly increases and, as a result, it helps users access needed information quickly and simply.

What is a website search?

It is a function that enables users to search within a website that they have visited. At present, these searches are normally performed using Google or Yahoo. However, website searches are required not only for user navigation but have also become an essential tool due to the increase in the number of pages on corporate websites. A search of relevant pages can be performed when the user inputs a keyword in a website search window.

What are the benefits of a cloud service?

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What kind of content is included in search targets?

The main search targets are HTML and PDF. Generally, search targets also include dynamic pages (limited to pages that can be accessed using the HTTP request GET method). Authentication pages may be partially excluded. Please contact us if you have any concerns.

What is a "Hot Search"?

By registering the “Display this page for this search word” setting on the Admin screen, the Hot Search function displays links to designated pages with thumbnail images as “Recommendations” in the top part of the search results screen.

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What is the "Intelligent Advisor"?

This is a word suggestion feature that displays possible words when typing. Suggestions are made in real-time when typing based on an alphabet conversion function.

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What is the data update frequency for website search target pages?

Once a day. Data deleted the previous day will be removed from the search target page data.

Is it possible to hide images?


Is it possible to prioritize the display of specific pages to website visitors?

Yes. This can also be performed using the Hot Search function.

Are English language websites and other foreign language websites supported?

Templates are available in a total of 21 languages including Chinese, Korean, Thai and English. Also, the display (characters) used in the search results screen can be customized on the Admin screen, so new language templates can be produced.

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Is it able to customize the search ranking?

Yes. The ranking can be customized for each keyword.

Can spelling correction searches be performed?

Yes. When inputting keywords, spelling corrections can be made by means of the Synonym and Intelligent Advisor functions.

Can fuzzy searches be performed?

Yes. They can be performed using the Synonym function.

Are multiple domains supported?


Contracts & installation

How long is the contract period?

Basically, it is for one year or longer.

What kind of information is required at installation?

Configuration is possible using information about the number of crawl documents, the crawl starting URL, and header and footer information for the search results page.

Admin screen

What are keywords with no clicks?

This data counts the keywords that have never been clicked, even though the search results are displayed. This data can be used as an indicator for website improvement by confirming user trends.

What are keywords with no matching results?

This data counts the keywords with no matching results. This data can be used as an indicator for website improvement by confirming user trends.


Is access using IPv6 protocol possible?

The service that supports IPv6 has already been launched and has been successfully introduced.

Is it possible to search on mobile sites?

Yes. The template for smartphone and responsive web design can be used as normal.

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Can it be used on websites with restricted access due to Basic Authentication?


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