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Here are some answers to typical questions from our customers.

Can quality checks cover multiple sites?

Yes. In order to prevent operational mistakes, target sites are determined when making a contract.

Which languages does the operating screen (UI) support?

Japanese/English screens are available.

Can the extent of a crawl (data patrol and collection) be changed?

Yes. This can be changed freely by the customer within the overall range determined when making a contract.

Can the timing of a crawl (data patrol and collection) be changed?

Yes. The customer can set this freely - whether daily, weekly or monthly, etc.

Can unnecessary quality check items be reduced?

Yes. Check items can be removed from the quality check results, but actually, the check items can be restored later on as the quality check is carried out.

Are company-specific checks possible, such as checks of specific tags or unacceptable words etc.?

Yes. Company-specific quality check items can be created/checked as “Customization items”.

Can users be added?

Yes. Users can be newly created from the administrator account issued at the time of installation.

On what basis is price determined?

The price is determined according to the number of html pages covered by the quality check. For details,please submit an inquiry.

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